VJ reports

Realtime & Interactive Shows

2009 — In Progress
VJ-ing, Videoart, Realtime Videomix, Live Show, Generative Art
Self-made video content (camcorder, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, Element 3D, After Effects, etc.), VJ-software (Resolume, MadMapper, Modul 8, ArKaos), soundreactive generative visuals (Max MSP, Touchdesigner, Smode, etc.)

VJing (from VJ - Video Jockey) is a video mix created by a video artist in real time using special software and equipment.

When creating, complex bundles of programs and equipment, video materials from different sources, programming, various visual effects, static images, video from cameras, signals from DJ consoles, algorithmic generators, etc. can be used. A real-time video mix is an absolutely unique picture that exists only “here and now”.

Received the main distribution in the "club culture", but are successfully used in other environments: at concerts, performances, as a video accompaniment to theatrical productions and fashion shows, on television to create screensavers, etc.

The legendary directors Peter Greenaway and Anton Corbijn actively use VJing in their work.