Realtime & Interactive Shows

Object, 3D-mapping, VJ-ing, Generative art
Handmade object, Adobe Illustrator, Cinema 4D, Element 3D, Adobe After Effects, Resolume Arena, soundreactive generative visuals

For a series of Hennessy Very Special events at the Mendeleev Club (Moscow), it was necessary to create an easy-to-make wall object for 3D-mapping, which, depending on the theme of the party, can be transformed using visual content in any way and in any style: from cubism and abstraction, to Buddhist mandalas and lace ornaments.

Hennessy Very Special is the result of collaboration between the House of Hennessy and contemporary artists who create branded labels for a limited edition of the famous cognac. My task was to create a visual style for parties, each of which would be figuratively different from the other.

Age-old traditions, Contemporary art, Taste of life!