Video-triptych “Here & Now”


Videoart, Short film, Video-loop, Video-Installation
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Element 3D, Cinema 4D, Trapcode

These three films form a single canvas of my videoart installation for the "United Untitled" Berlin Festival of Contemporary Art.

Specially edited as synchronized 3-minute video loops without titles, copyrighs, etc. Designed for continuous projection onto three walls in a large dark room.

!!! You can download & use this videos as you want !!!

The First Film

The first film. Simultaneity - Event horizon. Primordial soup. Gutenberg. st.Father. Word. Figure 3

The Second Film

The second film. Singularity. Coacervate. Futurism. st.Son. Name. Figure 2

The Third Film

The third film. Quantum string. DNA. Generative. st.Spirit. Sound. Figure 1